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14 years of experience

Hi-Tex exports is a leading export company of Pakistan that is delivering quality products all over the world. This firm is legally registered and working according to the laws of the state. Hi-Tex exports were established in 2007. The hard work and the unity of the team keeps them going through ups and downs. And todays, we are a leading export company of the Pakistan. our work and products not only impress a lot of international business, but also make them to bound with us in future.

That is why we are on the way to success. Later on, our material quality and other reasons make our clients only bound to us. Soon, this company started growing bigger and bigger. Now this company has a massive team of hardworking and highly professional staff to manage all the duties.

Why Choose Us?

On-Time Delivery

Hi-Tex Experts aimed to deliver on time. Your time is precious to us.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support, you can contact us any time.

Experienced Staff

We have highly professionals and experienced staff members.


We deal in almost all kind of shipments, by air, by ship or any other type of shipments.

Legal Documentation

We use proprer documentation for any kind of order procedure.

Quality Assurance

Our first priorty is the quality assurance and our main focus is on the quality product.

Articles Features

  • Tennis Socks
  • Sneaker Socks
  • Work Socks
  • Diabetic Socks
  • Fashion Socks
  • Bamboo Socks

Needle Counts

  • 86 N
  • 108 N
  • 120 N
  • 144 N
  • 156 N
  • 168 N

Socks Styles

  • Tube Socks
  • Crew Socks
  • Quarter / Ankle Socks
  • Low Cut Socks
  • No Show Socks
  • Socks Liner (Invisible Socks)

















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Our Production department is aim to produce the best quality. We serve over 17 years in this field and our production team is very experienced. Our Production departments Incharge Mr. Naveed Khalid has 15 years experience in this field.

Quality Check

Our quality checking department only passes the best quality products for our customers. Our quality checking departments incharge Mr. Zohaib Umer has 10 years experince in quality checking field and having the experoenced staff.


Our Packing department is aim to deliver the best products to our cutomers. Mr Khuram Shehzad is the incharge of the packing department. He has the experienced team and working in this field since 12 years.


The accounts depatment helps the company to find thier profit and loss as well as maintained the record of the company. Our accounts department having the complete check and balance on the progress of the compny. Mr. Kamran Khalil is lookafters the accounts deparment and he has 10 years experience in this field.


The Administration deparment is just like the backbone of the company because he links with all of the company departments. Mr. Muhammad Abdullah who is also the managing partner of Hi-Tex Exports lookafters the administration department. He servers in this companny 17 years of his life.

Our Satisfied Clients

1.  Contrast Company A/S, Denmark   

2. Socks Direct Ltd (SDL), UK 

3. Khidmad Group Inc, Can

                        4. Rose Textiles, Canada                       

                        5. KEEY Imports, USA                         

6. ASM Impex, USA

 7. JEM Sox, UK 

Our Attorneys


Shahzad Hameed


Mr Shahzad Hameed is the C.E.O and the owner of the company who leads this company since 2007. He officially owns this company and an experienced person in this field.

Muhammad Abdullaha

Managing patner

Mr Muhammad Abdullah is the managing partner of the company and he is also the head of the administration department. He serves this company since 2007 as a managing partner.

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